About Us

At the Coffee Commune, we are dedicated to supporting the coffee industry by helping members of the industry accelerate their potential. If you’re looking for increased buying power, stronger networks, practical, affordable HR solutions and innovative business ideas or access to state-of-the-art roasting facilities and world class coffee beans, the Coffee Commune is here to help.’

Our ambition is to create an ecosystem where the café and hospitality industry can become more efficient and more sustainable by collaborating on better business practices to help overcome the critical issues that the industry is facing.

Staffing and skills shortages are impacting across the globe; competition is demanding stronger brands and more targeted communication, while increasing costs need innovative solutions to ensure the industry remains profitable. The Coffee Commune was set up to help the industry tackle these kind of issues head on in order to build stronger and more resilient businesses.

By sharing knowledge, expertise, and experience in the coffee industry, and by connecting every dot from plantation to customer the Coffee Commune can deliver stronger buying power and facilitate collaborations to develop innovative business solutions for anyone involved in the coffee industry.’

Our goal is to accelerate the potential of the industry by influencing decision making at the highest levels of local and state government.

Whether you are supplying green beans, roasting your own coffee blends, operating a cafe or supplying goods and services to the coffee industry the Coffee Commune is here to help.