The Coffee Commune is a champion of the coffee and hospitality industry. We're about educating and advocating for our industry by providing the environment, resources and tools for our members to build their capacity and serve more people.

By bringing the industry together, The Coffee Commune gives our members a voice at all levels of government while increasing their efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

  • Partner - Annual
    12 months
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    Coffee Commune Industry Partnership

    TheCoffee Commune Industry Partnership gives you access to a growing coffee industry network to increase sales and business opportunities. Consolidate your position as a leader, and a preferred provider to the industry, by sharing ideas, innovative solutions, and member exclusive offers with the network and become a key partner in The Coffee Commune's 'buying power and knowledge eco-systems'. (Read more)

    Coffee Commune Industry Partnerships

    • Access to the leading coffee industry network to increase sales and business opportunities, 
    • Be part of The Coffee Commune knowledge eco-system sharing ideas, expertise and innovative solutions to consolidate your leadership position in the industry as a preferred provider.
    • Participate in monthly networking events, making new contacts, and sharing ideas.
    • Enjoy free access to meeting rooms and state of the art training facilities.
    • Showcase your expertise and products through the Coffee Commune marketing platforms.
    • Enjoy free enrolment in formal and informal training programs

    •      Annual Fee: $1995 plus GST paid monthly or annually.

  • Accelerator
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    Business Accelerator Membership Package

    Buying power is at the heart of the Business Acceleratormembership package. By using the strength of our network, the Coffee Commune leads pro-active negotiations with suppliers of goods and services to deliver savings and efficiencies to help accelerate your business. Deals and special offers are constantly being negotiated, while our Industry Partners share innovative solutions to the critical issues our members are dealing with. The Coffee Commune keeps the ball rolling by negotiating deals and discounts with suppliers both in and outside the member group. The outcome is a WIN WIN for both our Business Accelerator Members and our Industry Partners. (Read more)


    Business Accelerator membership

    ·      Be part of a powerful industry buying group specifically targeting savings and opportunities for members of the coffee industry.

    ·      Receive support, advocacy, mentoring and representation from proven professionals in the industry

    ·      Priority access to employee relations specialists to help you stay compliant, including advice around Fair Work Act and other legislation, Award interpretation, redundancies, managing grievances and advice around Workcover processes, claims, premiums and return-to-work plans.

    ·      Industry support through networking at our business events, conferences, and being a part of our community

    ·      Improve profitability through a networkof industry suppliers fast-tracking solutions and efficiencies for stronger, more resilient businesses.

    ·      Leverage the knowledge and expertise of the Coffee Commune partners to maximise customer generation and market differentiation.

    ·      Complimentary use of Boardroom and Meeting rooms, 50% discount on Training room hire.

    ·      Receive 'member only' discounted rates for specialist training and industry networking events, featuring an A-list of keynote speakers to accelerate your business potential.

    ·      Membership Fee $295.00 plus GST, paid annually

  • Enabler
    12 months
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    The Enabler  membership package

    The Enabler membership package is especially designed for business owners who are looking for specialist advice, expertise and product support to help build their capacity and profitability. The Coffee Commune understands what makes the coffee industry tick. Phillip Di Bella and the rest of the executive team were all involved in making Di Bella Coffee one of the country's strongest and most profitable coffee brands. Through that knowledge and expertise, they crafted a business around strong relationships, knowledge and expertise that is available to all The Coffee Commune Enabler members. (Read more) 

    Looking to set up a new business, create your own coffee brand as a roaster, or maybe you're looking to expand your hospitality operation and need some support, or maybe short-term back-up. There are many reasons why members have taken up the opportunity as an Enabler member

    The Coffee Commune is home to a modern, state-of-the-art facility for coffee production, run by highly experienced and knowledgeable members of the industry, ready and able to provide advice or give you support to make that move.

    The goal of The Coffee Commune is to help Enabler members become more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable in the world of coffee. Our state-of-the-art facility is completely at your disposal, with access to roasting machines, packaging supplies, packing equipment, green beans and quality control lab, enabling you to expand your business without the risk and infrastructure costs of establishing a roasting plant.

    You might be thinking of expanding as a roaster, at The Coffee Commune you have the choice of roasting your own, letting us roast your beans for you, or we can teach you the tricks of the trade to create your own perfect blend every time.

    Enabler members receive:

    ·      Initial consultation with key Coffee Commune executives

    ·      On-going technical and product support

    ·      Regular briefings on the industry

    ·      Access to key executives for advice and direction

    ·      10% Discount in the Café

    ·      Priority booking for events plus 10% discount

    ·      20% discount on formal training and workshop fees

    ·      Upgrade to Accelerator Membership in the first 6 months and receive a full refund on Enabler fees.

    ·      Membership Fee $95 plus GST, paid annually