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When: 12-3pm, Friday 17th February 2023

Where: The Coffee Commune, 82 Abbotsford Rd Bowen Hills QLD

What: 3 course lunch, 3 hour drinks package, Q&A, and networking

Cost: $120pp (discount code for members)

Join Barry Wilkinson (Managing Director and Senior Finance Specialist), Sebastian Mazza (Financial Advisor) and Damon Tune (Stock Broker and Private Client Adviser). They will be interviewed by Phillip Di Bella, speaking about the current finance situation that the economy is facing at the moment.


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  • Barry Wilkinson (Managing Director/Senior Finance Specialist of SW Brokerage)

    Barry Wilkinson

    Managing Director/Senior Finance Specialist of SW Brokerage

    Barry has spent 18 years working for himself as a mortgage broker, and in that time has come to know how to best support clients as they go through the lending process. It’s about more than just a sharp home loan rate, it’s about becoming a part of the client’s financial team and helping them to identify financial opportunities that they might not see themselves.

    Barry started in the industry as a major lender, and after 2 years became a broker where he could access a range of lenders and could match his clients with the best products to suit their needs.

    He genuinely loves helping clients into their properties, or helping people to refinance to adjust to their circumstances. Barry enjoys coaching people along the way with tips and habits to help them pay off their loan quicker or identifying other financial opportunities that they might think is applicable to them.

    Barry's biggest recommendation is to write down your financial goals (1-3 years goals and 3-5 years goals) and patiently work towards them. It’s the small things that make a big difference.

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  • Sebastian Mazza (Financial Advisor at Wealth Depot)

    Sebastian Mazza

    Financial Advisor at Wealth Depot

    Sebastian has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry specialising in creating financial strategies that assist in achieving clients’ objectives.

    He is a Chartered Accountant and founder of Wealth Depot Financial Advisers, with extensive experience across accounting, wealth creation, business management, sales, international
    business, supply chain and logistics management roles.

    He has a successful commercial record in improving and developing start-up businesses in the United Arab Emirates and Australia and an extensive network of finance service providers, procurement partners, and logistics partners throughout his career to date.

    He looks to apply a commercial and systematic approach to problem solving and creating workable solutions for his business and clients.

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  • Damon Tune (Private Client Adviser at Morgans)

    Damon Tune

    Private Client Adviser at Morgans

    Damon commenced his career in the financial services sector in 1998.

    His area of expertise is in stockbroking and derivatives, having gained 10 years experience in trading exchange traded options on the Morgans options desk in the Brisbane head office. Damon is a shareholder of Forefront Financial Services.

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The Coffee Commune

78 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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